Fast track for Britain’s future

The Skanska, Costain and STRABAG (SCS) joint venture (JV) brings together an industry-leading combination of tried, tested and successful partnerships, world-wide high-speed rail experience and extensive national and regional knowledge.


About the JV

Skanska, Costain and STRABAG have been working collaboratively for many years, bringing together its collective strength to deliver world-class engineering, contributing to the long term economic growth of local and international markets.


Our experience

Not only have the individual companies delivered high speed rail, major infrastructure and some of the most iconic structures internationally, the joint venture also has a proven record of working together.

Skanska and Costain have a long history of successfully delivering civil engineering projects together in the UK, dating back 30 years. In joint venture they have delivered many major infrastructure projects, including the M25 in the 1980s, High Speed 1 in the early 2000s and the current Crossrail endeavour coming to completion under the streets of London in 2018.

STRABAG and Skanska have worked together for over 15 years on European projects in Switzerland, Slovakia and Norway.


London power tunnels, United Kingdom

31st May 2016


Railway tunnel Vomp to Terfens, Austria

31st May 2016


German Unity Transport project 8 (VDE 8), Germany

31st May 2016


Channel Tunnel Rail Link (CTRL) – High Speed 1, United Kingdom

31st May 2016


Ulriken tunnel, Norway

31st May 2016


Crossrail, United Kingdom

31st May 2016

More than a railway

We are determined to uphold our employees’ rights to a safe workplace, whilst supporting their health and wellbeing. Our target is zero accidents. It’s our joint responsibility to ensure that every person who works with us returns home safely at the end of the working day.
We start with the standard legislative rules but through behavioural safety programmes we are changing the way construction employee’s views safety, making it personal and relevant.
We are driving change in standards of health and wellbeing. We offer mental health support, including mental health ambassadors and an employee support line to help deal with times of high stress. We also deliver occupational health assessments and health awareness programmes. We are constantly looking for new ways to send our people home healthier.
Sustainability and community investment are core values. We continue to build and develop on the carbon and whole life cycle costing tools we use to give our customers a more sustainable solution for their project, balancing social, environmental and economic factors.
Communities are at the heart of every project. We build for those communities, providing employment and training. Our employees volunteer on local community projects, becoming part of the community they work in. We build relationships with local businesses, small and medium sized enterprises, so that we leave a lasting legacy once the project is complete.
We engage throughout construction works to ensure that the local community are aware of what we are doing and plan our works to mitigate any disruption. We make sure that they can tshare their concerns and be heard.
We value relationships and celebrate diversity. Our partner companies, with cultures from the UK, Sweden, Austria and Germany, bring a diverse team together.
We know people are at their best when they can be themselves so creating an inclusive environment is vital to us. Driving diversity and inclusion, through ground-breaking events such as The Changing Face of Construction event, as well as internal networking groups bringing people together, is how we are sharing best practice.
Together we aim to attract people from diverse backgrounds, creating environments where our people feel valued, able to contribute and reach their potential.
We cannot build the projects we do without our supply chain. We will make sure that we invest in their future. Through academies such as the Sustainability Supply Chain School, we help upskill our supply chain. We work collaboratively with them to drive innovation and we invest in their innovations to find new and better ways to deliver our customers projects. We work with local suppliers further investing in the local community.
Together we will work to support our local communities, create a better environment and leave a lasting positive legacy.

About the partners

The Skanska, Costain and STRABAG (SCS) joint venture (JV) brings together an industry-leading combination of tried, tested and successful partnerships, world-wide high-speed rail experience and extensive national and regional knowledge.

Skanska, established in 1887, is one of the world’s leading project development and construction groups. The UK operation is one of the country’s top contractors.

Skanska, one of the UK’s leading contractors, is an inclusive and responsible business that is helping to build a better society. Known for major projects, such as the Gherkin and Crossrail, we are building, upgrading and maintaining the country’s infrastructure. Drawing on our Scandinavian heritage, we are green, innovative and progressive. We bring together people and technology, as part of our quest to make construction a safer and more collaborative industry.

Operating around the world in selected home markets in Europe and the US, Skanska is listed on the Stockholm stock exchange and headquartered in Sweden’s capital city.


Costain has been improving the lives of people through infrastructure since 1865.

Listed on the UK stock exchange and recognised as one of the UK’s leading engineering solutions providers, Costain’s expert team delivers innovative, efficient and value-driven solutions for customers in energy, water and transportation.

Costain is committed to operating both sustainably and responsibly. We are focused on one simple but powerful message – ‘Costain Cares’. This is not a slogan: it is an attitude of mind. It is integral to everything we do and a touchstone against which we can evaluate and measure our performance. We care about all our stakeholders.


Founded in 1835 in Austria, STRABAG has grown into one of Europe’s largest construction companies.

STRABAG is a European-based technology group for construction services, a leader in innovation and financial strength. Our services span all areas of the construction industry and cover the entire construction value chain. We bring together people, materials and machinery at the right place and at the right time in order to deliver complex construction projects – on schedule, to the highest quality and at the best value.

Partnerships and cooperation are central values for STRABAG. This is why we continuously examine the concerns, demands and wishes of our stakeholders. A stakeholder is anyone who is influenced by our work or who can influence the business activity of our group.


Fast track for Britain’s future